Hike around the imposing rock formation at the foot of the limestone walls. The view of the Alpine chain is terrific.

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Solve puzzles, find clues, go through fences to track down the devil.

Through the foothills of the Alps, you hike from the idyllic Schwarzsee over the Euschel Pass to Jaun.

Around Jaun

Recharge your batteries at the waterfall, marvel at the oldest house in the village, and enjoy the view from ancient ruins.

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At 12 observation posts, you will discover the geological treasures of the region which are of national importance.

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The widely known Soldatenhaus (soldier's house) can be reached on foot and provides a wonderful view.

Along the Jaunbach and Lac de Montsalvens through the Jaunbach gorge to the famous town of Gruyère.


Panoramic Trail

A 10 minute walk from the mountain station takes you to the panorama spot and where you will have a rendez-vous with the Gastlosen.

Alpine Hut Magic

Immerse yourself in a traditional life for 4 days, far away from everyday life and enjoy the peace of the Alps.

Jaun - Jaunpass

Either a 1-day hike of about 8 hours or a 2-day hike with overnight stay at the Soldatenhaus or the Grubenberg hut.